Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Craze...I Caved

Okay, okay, I'll admit it.  I fell victim to the Missoni for Target craze yesterday and bought a few items!! I do admit that many pieces in the line are super cute, however I was in amazement at the happenings at Target for their website to crash and the stores to be out of stock of most of the goods in a matter of hours.  I'm really in awe!  I know many people were anticipating the line, but I was shocked at the craziness.  It really saddens me that so many items were scooped up so fast only to be marked up and sold on e-bay.  I think it was super fun for Target to collaborate with Missoni and introduce this line, so I'm hoping they do re-stock.  I confess here that although I tried to resist, I did partake in the madness myself and made a few purchases on-line, which I'm really excited about!

I got this hat and then a few more little girl's items that I don't want to show as they are going to be Christmas gifts!!

I kept my purchases minimal as to not overdue it, but here are the two items I really wanted.  Of course they were already out of stock!  Maybe if they re-stock the shelves.... 

Did you join in the Missoni for Target craze also??



  1. I stayed far away! I love a lot of the products, but at this point was so over it already. I am sure they will restock the shelves as the line was supposed to last for a few weeks. It is sad however that so many purchased carts full only to mark them up and take advantage of people on ebay (although, I guess if they are willing to pay those prices, they get what they deserve). I know the recipients of the Christmas gifts will be happy!

  2. I have been amazed at this craziness! I did try to get online but the site had crashed so I gave up. Hope you love your new pieces!