Friday, April 26, 2013

Favorite Things Lately

I ordered this necklace from Ily Couture, and I love it.  I had been looking for a gold necklace that was shorter and simple to wear for the summer with bathing suits and coverups.  This will be a simple way to still wear jewelry but will be understated - perfect for both the beach and pool.

I have been on the hunt for more blouses to wear to work, and I found this one from Hive and Honey on Piperlime.  I finally wore it today and love how it fits.  It's also very comfy might I add.

I paired it with these shoes from Steve Madden, which I've been wearing a lot.

I'm lucky to work at a place that has casual dress attire EVERY DAY!  It's pretty amazing and is not common in the corporate world.  I'm so thankful.  It helps to have pretty much the same wardrobe for my work wear and weekend wear.  I still wear business casual on occassion to get use out of the clothes I still own, but pretty much wear jeans a lot.  Yes, be jealous! :)

I'm hoping for great weather this weekend.  We have a wedding on Saturday and family pictures on Sunday and need the weather to cooperate!  Hope it's sunny where you are.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Prayers for West, Texas + Boston

Words cannot even begin to describe the events of this week.   I wouldn't even know where to begin.....
What I do know is that prayers are needed.   I am a Texas girl - born and raised and currently living in Houston, and I know right now that my fellow Texans are needing help.  Prayers of course are on the top of the list, but there are other ways to help too.  My friend, Lauren, posted this on her blog, Simply LKJ and asked that the information be passed along. Her daughter is currently attending Baylor University.  There are quite a few faculty, staff and students that have been affected, and as such, Baylor University is helping out however they can.
Praying For West Texas

The link below provides information on how to help if you are interested in doing so.

For those of you on Facebook, Baylor has also set up a facebook page that can be found on this link.

We are still praying for Boston too! What a crazy week for sure.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Breakfast can be served...on a table now!

I kept meaning to also show you guys our breakfast table.  Remember my update of our white kitchen cabinets?  I also showed you this picture where I had four chairs, but no table.

Now we have this beauty!  And we can actually eat breakfast in our breakfast area.  What a concept!  :)

The table is from Restoration Hardware and the chairs are from World Market.  I love the finish of the table.  I was unsure of how it would go with the chairs as I had never seen it in person, but, luckily, it looks great.  The chairs are quite comfy too!

We've really been enjoying eating in this area and have already broken in the table with board games.  I'm sure many more long nights of game playing will be done in this space.

Here's another view at night just because I couldn't resist.



Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Re-Cap

Wow, it's already been a week since Easter has passed, so now I'm really behind with posting a re-cap.  However, we had a wonderful weekend full of all of the fun Easter festivities to be expected.

We dyed eggs!  Well, we didn't get around doing this until later in the evening as you can see, so we didn't have good lighting, but it was still fun.  The guys had gone to a baseball game that afternoon, so we waited till we were all together.  I think dying eggs is one of my favorite memories as a child and it's always fun to re-live.  We had my sister and her family with my nieces and nephew along with my sister-in-law and her husband, and we all joined in on the fun.  I think my nephew now does these things to entertain us and please us, but he's getting over it.  :(

I didn't get a picture the next morning of what a big mess the Easter Bunny made in our living room, but there were baskets full of candy, eggs and treats.  Then we hunted all of the eggs he left for us in the house and in the yard.  Silly bunny. 

Here are the girls checking out their creations! 

We cheated and made easy cookies that were already cut into shapes!

We also finally heated our pool, and the weather was perfect on Easter, so the kids were able to take full advantage of it.  They swam the whole morning!  Well, I did too! :)  It was the first time I've gotten to swim in our pool since we moved into the house in November.  I'm so ready for Summer!

Oh and let's not forget that on Good Friday, I went to Canton, TX where Trade Days occur before the first Monday of every month.  It was my first time going, and I was definitely pleased.  They have antiques, boutiqes, craft shops and everything in between! 

I scored this table for a wonderful price. Seriously, we all agreed that one of us girls had to buy it and take it home.  It was too good of a deal to pass up.  This will now be the new desk in our office!  I'm thrilled with the direction of this room now.