Saturday, April 20, 2013

Prayers for West, Texas + Boston

Words cannot even begin to describe the events of this week.   I wouldn't even know where to begin.....
What I do know is that prayers are needed.   I am a Texas girl - born and raised and currently living in Houston, and I know right now that my fellow Texans are needing help.  Prayers of course are on the top of the list, but there are other ways to help too.  My friend, Lauren, posted this on her blog, Simply LKJ and asked that the information be passed along. Her daughter is currently attending Baylor University.  There are quite a few faculty, staff and students that have been affected, and as such, Baylor University is helping out however they can.
Praying For West Texas

The link below provides information on how to help if you are interested in doing so.

For those of you on Facebook, Baylor has also set up a facebook page that can be found on this link.

We are still praying for Boston too! What a crazy week for sure.

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  1. Thanks for passing the word along Tara. It has been quite a week across this country.