Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving...from our first home

What a month this has been.  We SOLD our house and are now homeless. hah  We went to Costa Rica in late August and had the most wonderful week-long vacation.  Then upon our return when we were completely relaxed and revived, we came back home to pack and move out of our house in five days just in time for closing.  Yes, we sold our first home.  It sold after only being on the market a little over two weeks, so now we are living with family while we search for our new home.  We are moving to the suburbs.  We lived outside of the inner city already, but now we are taking it a step further.  We chose to move to an area close to friends with great schools (ya know for when that time comes) and hopefully will be a place that we stay in for quite some time.

I felt like we were still decorating our home and then the next thing we knew, we were putting it on the market. So I didn't invest in anymore furniture or home decor, and I never fully revealed all of the rooms in our home.  As such, here is what it looked like up to this point.

**pictures taken by real estate agent's photographer**

Pictures of our home that we sold.


Living Room -
I've featured the living room that was madeover with the help of Jessie from Mix and Chic.

Dining Room:


Our Master Bedroom  -
I've also shown you this room and the gallery wall with frames from Ikea.

Master Bathroom:

Guest Bedroom:
Our Backyard -
I've also shown you the changes we made to fix up the yard recently too.

You can see Gus in his kennel barking at the photographer.  oops! haha I'm sure he enjoyed that.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our first home. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter of our lives in our new home, and I'm especially looking forward to decorating it and sharing it with you!