Monday, July 11, 2011


Pottery Barn is definitely at the top of my list of favorite stores!  I get excited every time a new issue of their catalog comes in the mail - I love looking through the pictures for decorating inspiration.  However, it's not always the most affordable store to shop at when you have a whole house to fill.  Do not get me wrong, I have bedding, dishes and accessories all from PB that I love.  I just can't help myself though as I always fall in love with their furniture too, which the hubby is not so fond of the big ticket price!!  Here's the trick though - I've learned to use PB as my inspiration but challenge myself to shop elsewhere to find the same look for less, especially for those big ticket items! 

When shopping for our Master Bedroom, I absolutely adored PB's Hudson Bed.  After a little research, I found a VERY similar bed at Bassett Furniture, which was perfect since we have one about ten minutes from our house.  I knew the price was already a lot cheaper than the PB price, but when we bought the bed, they were having a Memorial Day sale, and we were able to get the King Bed for only $500!  Can't beat that!  Here's the comparison of the two beds:

Hudson Bed & Dresser, Full, Mahogany stain

And now our Bed that I showed you before from our Master Bedroom:

I think the two beds are very similar, and I still get the same look I was going for, so the savings was totally worth spending time to shop around and find the look for less!



  1. I'm a Pottery Barn addict!! Your bedroom looks amazing!

  2. Love those mirrors hanging above your bed! Gives it charm!