Friday, July 22, 2011

Adding Layers to Our Kitchen & Dining Rooms

I'm seriously obsessed with houses!!  I know most of you can relate.  I have always had a passion for looking at houses and home decor ever since I was a little girl.  I used to dream about the house I would have, and I used to absolutely love going to the furniture store.  There was one in my hometown right by the bank, and every time we went to the bank, I would beg my mom to go to look at the furniture store.  Seriously!!  I was only in elementary school then, and it wasn't until recently that my mom and I talked about about it.  She admitted that she started avoiding going to that bank when I was with her if she didn't have time for the furniture store as she knew I would want to go.   haha  What kid begs to go to the furniture store?! not the toy store or candy store, but the furniture store?  

I still could spend hours in furniture stores, and I obviously have no problems buying the funiture.  My dilemma now is that I love all different styles of decor, so when decorating my own home I find it hard to pick colors and patterns, especially for curtains, pillows, rugs.  I do realize that these items are easily changed and if I perhaps don't like what I picked, I can always replace it...pretty simple concept, right?  But I still have such a hard time committing!! It's really funny to me because with the big pieces of furniture, I had no problem knowing exactly what I wanted.  Well that is after I did my diligent research of course, but once I made my decision, I was done.  No buyer's remorse!  I've loved our furniture since the minute it was placed in our home.  The funny part is that those pieces were expensive, big dollar items.  So one would think that I'd have a hard time making a decision on something that was 1) going to cost a lot of money and 2) I'd most likely be stuck with for a very long time!  However, it's quite the opposite, I have no problem with those decisions, but it's the little ones as in the fabric choices, rug patterns, curtains that I've had a really hard time with and those items can be purchased pretty reasonably and be replaced if needed. 

My goal now is to start adding layers, texture and color to our house.  I have to start somewhere and there's no time like the present, right?!  I just need to go for it, and then let myself now that it's OKAY if I decide I don't like it, and I can always change it again.  

For a start, here is our Kitchen/Dining Room:

As I noted, I'd like to add curtains, rugs, maybe even slipcover the two end chairs to mix up the look or eventually get upholstered chairs!  I did get a new rug to go in front of the kitchen sink from Ballard Designs.  I'm still figuring out if I like it.  I adore these striped drapes that Courtney did from A Thoughtful Place.  Maybe I could get brave and give it a try?!  



  1. Thanks for the shout out and sweet email. Congrats on starting a blog. If you got to blogger settings, you can make it so that there is an email for us to email you back when you comment on others blogs. You may want to do that so you can receive emails directly!

  2. I think all of us go through a "let's just do a little switcharound" phase! I can say for certain that my house is never "complete"- it's a constantly evolving process! It sounds like you've got some great ideas. You should definitely try Courtney's curtains, they are fabulous!!

  3. I know what you mean! Sometimes it's tough to pick out an assortment of what you want! The accessories are the fun part..I sometimes don't know when to stop! I feel like my room design is never fully complete when it's filled from floor to ceiling! That's when I just have to switch it up or rearrange items to see if I can make a better impact on the room. You've just begun so have fun with it! ;) Definitely do the striped drapes!! Bold effect for sure! ;)

  4. Tara, I can so relate! The larger pieces were easy for me too. It's the accessories (small stuff) that I have a harder time with. While I too know I can always replace them if I don't like them, I hate wasting/throwing away the money. I have been very fortunate that in redoing our rooms lately, I have found a wonderful consignor to sell my old accessories me cash for the new ones. I am finding myself being more picky about what I choose however. Hence why it is taking me so long to complete each room.

  5. Just take your time and you'll find exactly what you're looking for. Love your dining room table!