Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Gallery Wall

This past weekend was wonderful! I spent a lot of time meeting up with friends to chat and catch up, doing things around the house, and spending time with my wonderful husband!  It was great.  I've been busy with work and definitely needed a weekend to rest and catch up on life....it of course was just too short! Isn't it always?  :)

Remember the corner of our Master Bedroom that I said needed art or a gallery wall?  Well, this past weekend I finally hung up the new silver frames I got from Ikea to make a little gallery wall over the couch.  I already love looking at the pictures and remembering great times from vacations, wedding and holidays.  I even caught my husband standing in front of them last night taking a look.  I like that it makes our bedroom more personal.

 Also this past weekend the hubby and I had a wonderful breakfast on Saturday morning together at one of our favorite spots to hang out.  I had a delicious veggie omelete and a frozen mimosa!!  (hubby had one too - shhhh he doesn't like to admit that he enjoys them!)

And Saturday night we had our friends over that we went to Belize with to attempt to make pupusas! (remember I raved about them in my summer love post)  I think it was definitely a success!  We made the coleslaw and sauce that was almost spot on to what their version was like.  As for the actual pupusas, I'd say we need to work on the dough - it wasn't quite like theirs. But we'll give it another try sometime.  As for the fillings, we did pork, shrimp, beans and cheese (monterrey jack, goat and oaxaca) - we mixed up the varieties and they were all pretty fantastic if I do say so myself!  I didn't take any pictures sadly, but what I did capture a picture of is that one of our friends brought over this cake as a surprise!  So fun! 

(I apologize for the pics. I'm having to use my phone until we can replace my old camera.)

Hope you all had a great weekend as well, and I hope your week is already off to a great start! Only 4 more days till the next weekend!



  1. Your frames look so great!! My cousin and I spent 3 hours in Ikea last week! I just can't get enough of that place!!

  2. The wall looks so wonderful. Great choice of frames!

  3. I love the gallery wall idea! Looks great with the frames! And that breakfast looks delicious!


  4. Oh I love it, it's so simple and classic