Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wishing and Hoping...

In honor of my birthday coming up soon, I thought I'd allow myself  3 items that I wish for or hope one day I might be so lucky to get....not that I NEED these items, but if I were to happen to receive them one day, I would receive them graciously!  :)

Wish #1 is DIAMOND STUDS! 


Wish #3 is more DAVID YURMAN JEWELRY!  I LOVE my saphire cable bracelet.  I wear it every day, and I would like ummm more bracelets to stack with it maybe.  That would be nice I think.  Or maybe a ring, or necklace, or earrings, I mean I wouldn't be picky as to what type of jewelry actually.  I think this piece is lovely though.

So, now that I've revealed that I don't only have an obsession with necklaces (click here), I apparently have an obsession with jewelry!  Yes, I do.  Jewelry is definitely something I go crazy over! 

I also know that this will not be the year that I get any of these pieces for my birthday, which I'm totally okay with, but these are definitely great items for future big celebrations, say milestone anniversaries would be one idea! Just saying, in case my husband happens to be reading.  ;)  and now back to reality...

Hope you are all having a great Wednesday.  I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend already!  It can't get here fast enough.  My mom is going to be here visiting from Colorado, and I'm so excited.  She will be here over my birthday, so we'll get to celebrate together.  And that in itself is enough of a birthday present for me!!!


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