Thursday, May 17, 2012

NOLA Bound!!

We are heading to one of my favorite cities, New Orleans, this weekend with some friends.  I'm so ready for a long weekend getaway.  My love for the city first developed when I visited during college for the first time with my mom, grandma and great aunt.  We had a wonderful time exploring the French Quarter and the Garden District, visiting plantations and historical homes and of course taking a ghost tour!! We started making a yearly visit for a girl's weekend, but of course the visits were different when my college roommate joined, and we explored Bourbon street more and the bars around the universities! hah  When Jeff and I started dating, we took a trip together as he had never been, and I was eager to show him all there is to love with the great music and amazing food.  Luckily, he also loved the vibe of the city.  I also had my bachelorette party there of course. Duh! Where else would I have it!?  It was one of the best weekends ever - so many of the girls I love in one of my favorite places all at the same time.  What wonderful memories!!!  But since then, I haven't been back, and I'm so eager to get on the road. 

If you've never been to New Orleans, you should definitely put it on your list to visit.  For those of you that have, you know what a great treat I'm in for!

{image via wikepedia}

{image via aol travel}

I'll be back next week to share photos and a recap with you!

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Ooooh I'm so jealous! I love NOLA too!! You guys will have such a great time. Eat some beignets at Cafe Du Monde for me! :)

  2. Hubby has been, but I have not. Might have to make a side trip when going out to Texas to visit our daughter next year! Hubby loves Cafe Du Monde (I have a great story to go with that, I'll share sometime!)

  3. Awww... I'm jealous!! Whatever you do, stay away from the hurricanes (a.k.a. mind erasers)!!!

  4. I have always wanted to go there. I hope you have an amazing time.

  5. My dear friend claims its the best city in the states! ;)
    Dying to go one day!

  6. enjoy your trip!! NOLA is one place i want to visit one day, hope you have a wonderful time

  7. I hope you had a great trip, I love that city!!