Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday today to the one I love. 

To celebrate this past weekend we took the boat out for a day of fishing.  We invited another couple to go with us, grabbed some snacks, beer and champagne and hit the waters all day.  There was only one keeper trout caught, but it was still a wonderful day!! The weather turned out to be beautiful after the crazy storm on Friday night.  I know Jeff would've loved to catch more fish, but we appreciated him navigating us through the bay waters all day anyways!

We especially enjoyed the sunset cruise as we headed in.  I was just in awe of these views.

This evening to celebrate on Jeff's actual birthday, we are going to....wait for it....leave work early to.........GO FISHING!  haha of course we are! :)  Just he and I and hopefully an amazing sunset again....and possibly a lot of fish! 
Love you. XO,


  1. Happy Birthday to Jeff! Beautiful pictures.

  2. So beautiful, enjoy your evening!!!

  3. Oh wow! What beautiful photos! Sounds like a truly blissful day!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Hope Jeff had a wonderful birthday!