Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Houston Nutcracker Market

It's the most wonderful time of the year - can you believe it's here already?!
This past weekend my mom and sister were in town to visit, and while they were here, we checked out the annual Nutcracker Market.  It's a huge market with hundreds of vendors ranging from home decor accessories and christmas decorations to specialty food and clothes.  It has just about everything you can think of and is a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season!  The carolers singing Christmas carols and all of the Christmas trees decked out definitely made you feel like the holiday season is in full swing.  The downside is that it is crowded with people and can be a bit overwhelming.  I say though it's definitely fun to check out, just know what you are getting into!  I think there were times we were just walking in the middle of the aisle, not even bothering to look at the booths on each side to just make it to the end of the aisle...quite a bit like zombies.  We would then have to re-group and get ourselves ready to dive back into the madness and get busy shopping! 
{Me, my mom and my sister}
Here are a few sample pics of the goodies that are at the market.

Loved these lamps!  But they were display only. boo!

This was a really cute idea to display Christmas cards.  I think it could easily be made for those of you that like to DIY.
I also liked this canvas as an advent calendar.  I might do a similar design on my big chalkboard!

My favorite vendor to visit is Paul Michael.  They always have tons of furniture and Christmas decor galore with ribbon, ornaments and wreaths and all sorts of fun stuff.  It takes a while to look through this section.  Or maybe it does just for me because I ooh and ahh over everything.  These bar stools almost came home with me!  They had them in charcoal too, which I was tempted to go with to add some color in our living room.  These might have to be on my list for next year!

I actually didn't buy any Christmas decor this year.  I did however find a round mirror for our office and two big lanterns to decorate our front entryway.  Here are the lanterns below with my fall decor.  Just don't judge my dead mums...I never said I had a green thumb. I think the lanterns will be beautiful at Christmas time with candles in them or filled with oversized I guess I kind of bought something Christmas decor related afterall.
To top it off, we finally have cold weather here in Houston this week.  Now it really feels like the holidays.


  1. looks like a holiday dreamland!!! and how awesome are those lanterns?! never seen oversized ones like those before. can't wait to see them with candles/ornaments inside!!!! yay!
    (ps...i have 2 pots of dried mums on my front porch too. oops. ;))

  2. i know! i can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving!