Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day


My husband and I generally don't do anything big or fancy for Valentine's Day.  We just never have.  When we talk about what we want to do it usually involves getting cozy at home, with wine and cooking something up ourselves or getting takeout delivered.  We then just want to watch a movie or hang out and get to bed early! That's a nice treat this time of year.  January and February are our busiest months of the year for both of our jobs, and we usually are working pretty late every evening and some weekends, so the thought of getting home and just being together always sounds fantastic. 

This is a quote I stumbled across not too long ago, and I think it is so sweet.  I would like to print it on canvas and put it in our bedroom. 

{source unknown - if you know, let me know!}

Hope you and your loved ones have a fabulous day celebrating today!



  1. Happy Valentine's Day Tara! I am with you, sometimes those nights in are sooo much better. We'll be having one of those tonight as well. It's a rainy Tuesday here.

  2. Happy Valentine's day! You should really print that quote!

  3. Love that precious quote! I definitely agree- that would look great in the bedroom!

  4. Sometimes those are the best date nights ;) Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  5. I love it! And inam so with you, love a cozy night in:)

  6. Your blog's name is the same as mine. I love how you got to spend your Valentines with your husband. Despite the hectic schedule you still find time to spend together. What a nice couple. =)