Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday {1st Edition}

{one} I just purchased this shirt from Anthropologie, and I love it!  I've already gotten quite a few compliments on it.  Go get you one.

{two} I've been drinking this lately, and now I'm wondering why it took me so long to buy this at the grocery store.  I should've been sipping on this at home all summer! 

{three} Admittedly, one of my guilty pleasures is watching the Real Housewives of any city - I know it's terrible!  It's so entertaining - these women are nuts.  However, I also have a fascination with Jackie O and love anything related to her.  I read a couple of books this summer about the Kennedy's and Jackie, and well since Carole Radziwill (who was on RHNY) had written a book about her life being married to Jackie's nephew and their close relationship with JFK, Jr., I was interested to see what she had to say.  I found myself loving this book.  It's an interesting read as I enjoyed her writing and thought she was so honest.  I really connected to her story and was attached emotionally (yes, I was sobbing while laying on my float in our pool - oh dear, I know I'm an emotional mess myself haha).  I like Carole even more now though!
{four} My mom and my youngest niece have been staying this week while my husband was away at a work conference.  Every night, my mom and I have been watching Season 2 of Revenge!  I just love this show.  We have a lot of episodes left to watch yet before Season 3 starts, but we sure are trying.  I know we'll be curled up tonight watching a marathon!  I mean it's raining here a lot lately, so it's the perfect excuse, right?

{five} We are going to Sonoma/NAPA this next weekend for a wedding. We leave this coming Thursday - bright and early.  I'm so excited as we've never been.  We'll be able to share the time there with some great friends and some good food and wine.  It doesn't get better, does it?! We already have dinner reservations set up for Thursday and Friday evenings.  We'll attend the wedding on Saturday, and then off to do some wine tasting on Sunday.  If you've been, let me know any tips or places you want to share.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the shirt! Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. love the outfit! And I watched all of season two of revenge on Netflix, so good!!!


  3. I LOVE your shirt {and outfit}! Very cute! Ahh.....Napa and Sonoma....where to begin?!? YOu are going to have the most fabulous time wherever you go and whatever you do! Period! It is absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to check out my blog post on our trip! :-) Have a great time!!

  4. That is THE cutest Anthro shirt. That store seriously kills it everytime!

  5. I LOVE that top and I also read that book and really loved it. Definitely makes me like Carole all the more.

  6. LOVE your shirt!! So cute!
    Do you have netflix? Is the second season finally on? I've been DYING to see it!! (I'm so obsessed I really should just buy the seasons!)

  7. if i ran into you in that anthropologie shirt you would definitely get a compliment from me that is for sure!

  8. obsessed with revenge. can't i be her?