Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Food......Starting with Chicken Spaghetti

So here we go with my post on my new year's resolution.  I'm sticking with the old "need to lose weight" resolution, but this year is different....or I hope it is!!  Here's the deal.  Instead of just making it a personal goal and keep thinking that I need to do something about it and then well the end of the year rolls around again and nothing has really changed, this year my husband and I are making it a conscious effort that we are both going to eat better....and do it together.  Since we've been married, we've gotten settled into eating out a lot, picking up takeout, or giving in to those bad cravings together.  So if we together don't keep bad food in the house and make a dinner meal plan to stick to each week, it will eliminate those nights that we don't know what we want for dinner and we are "starving" and then pick up something bad and eat it all!  Hopefully, changing our eating habits at night and when together will result in us seeing some changes and will make us feel healthier and feel better about ourselves.  

To start off our week in a healthy way, we sat down yesterday and came up with meals that would involve more proteins and vegetables and less carbs.  I went to the grocery store and then we cooked up this scrumptious meal together.  It's actually one that Jeff surprised me with not too long ago.  I was working late one night, and when I came home, he had made this for me. I was so impressed with him!   (I'm easily entertained okay. :)  )  It fits in perfectly with our new dinner plans.

Easy Chicken Spaghetti

Tomato Sauce
Tomato Paste
Garlic, diced fine
Onion, diced fine
Rotiserrie Chicken (we buy these pre-made at our local grocery store)
Zuchinni, sliced into ribbons
Squash, sliced into ribbons

The first step is to make your own sauce, using the first 8 ingredients. Improvise as you'd like adding seasonings and herbs to get the flavor you want.  Next simply shred the chicken into pieces and add it to the pot with the sauce. 

Using a potato peeler, shave the zuchinni and squash into ribbons.  These will be your "spaghetti noodles."  We used 2 zuchinnis and 3 squashes.  Again, use what you like!

Saute the ribbons of veggies in olive oil until just tender.
Layer the ribbons of "noodles" in a bowl and top with the chicken and tomato sauce.  We also usually like to sprinkle a little parmesan cheese to top it off, but we didn't have any, so cheddar it was!
The good thing about this meal is that it is still hearty and filling.  It's great when you want some comfort food on a cold night, but you aren't left with the guilt of eating all that pasta.
Here's to a new year and making changes in our diet in an effort to lose some lbs!
How are all of you doing with your New Year Resolutions??


  1. YUMMM! This looks delicious! We are all about the comfort food...gonna pin this and make it soon. We're guilty of constantly picking up take out :/...blaming it on the new baby but the truth is we did it long before Bear came along! You definitely have no weight to look amazing, Tara!

  2. This looks like a wonderful meal without all the carbs and guilt. Thanks for sharing! Have a fun and prosperous new year, Tara!

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  3. I'm officially hungry. This looks so good.

  4. yum! :-) i love spaghetti squash but haven't ever used zucchini!