Friday, December 23, 2011

Simple Gift Idea

Here is a really quick and simple gift idea to maybe help those of you that need a last minute gift.  I did these for some of my co-workers, and I think they loved them.  To start with, I bought some instant hot chocolate mix, peppermint crunch chocolate covered pretzel sticks, clear treat bags, and ribbon.

I put the hot chocolate mix and chocolate covered pretzels in a mug.  I used these initial mugs from Anthropologie.  I then put them in the clear treat bags, gathered the top together and tied a ribbon around to secure.

I  gave them to the ladies I work with so they could use them at work for coffee, tea or the hot chocolate.  This will give them something cute to drink out of while at work (but hopefully will help reduce the amount of paper cups we use too!).

We're on the final countdown to Christmas!!  Good luck to any last minute shoppers!!



  1. Great gift idea! Love chocolated dipped pretzels and they are super easy to make. Merry Christmas Tara!!

  2. Great idea Tara I was just looking at these mugs at Anthropologie!

    Art by Karena